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Build Your Own


Build Your Own

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Powerficient Eterna


Powerficient® Eterna™ UPS

Ways To Customize

Different Chemistry Batteries

Customized Power Capacity

Cable Entry Location


Powerficient PDUs


Powerficient® + GELU® PDU

Ways To Customize

Custom Outlet Mix

Color Coding Of Outlets

Strip Orientation


Custom Power Cables


Powerficient® Cables

Ways To Customize

Cable Configurations

Customized Connectors

Amp Ratings


Need help to customize your solution?

LED-Light Compatible Receptacles
3 Year Warranty on parts & worksmanship of our GELU PDUs
Navi Wheel Interface On A Removeable Module
Lock It In! Dual-Lock IEC Power Cables

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No more worry. No more unplanned outages. Limited options are a thing of the past. Get exactly what you need and how you want it. Powerficient® is proud to offer fully customizable options for all of your data center power needs. 

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