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Our Clients Are Our Partners

Your Goals Are Our Goals

What we love most about serving our clients in the data center market, especially in Hyperscale and the Edge, is positively contributing to their constant forward‐thinking mindset of developing a ‘better way’ to solve the world’s grand‐scale data challenges. These significant challenges require significant solutions for equipment that we develop efficiently, build cost‐effectively and deploy on‐time, with our clients—using our Process and its underlying key principles. 

Our clients utilize us as vital extensions of their teams, as we work collaboratively toward ensuring each project’s success on all fronts. Through this, we earn your team’s trust through proactive anticipation, delivering consistent results, acting fast, maintaining flexibility and consistently striving to exceed expectations without sacrificing genuine care through each and every step.

Our Principles Of Success

Practical Innovation

  • We take an actionable approach to innovation that enables a pathway for new ideas and thinking differently to be focused toward execution and practical implementation of real-time problem solving.
  • Our commitment to practical innovation enables us to be nimble, flexible and adaptable. We live by the model of—thinking differently, strategic planning, implementation, evaluation and adjustment…then starting again.

Interaction Design

  • With the goal of achieving optimal usability, we consider all users—from facility engineers to installers—in the design of our critical power equipment
  • Through defining the user’s goals, we are able to develop designs that yield purposeful and meaningful interactions between our equipment and its users.

Program Management

  • As each of the items in the strategic plan of developing your tailored critical power equipment become a series of projects, we structure a program that we own and manage to ensure achievement of all objectives, on-time.
  • We pride ourselves on the ability to adjust to changes, more changes, and oh yes one more change—while consistently managing inter-project dependencies to accomplish program success.

Client Experience

  • You deserve the best, and we intend to deliver—through proactive anticipation, consistent communication and the constant drive to exceed your expectations.
  • We understand the level of responsibility and high expectations that is mission critical power and we know what it takes to achieve customized equipment development success—we make it happen.

Establishing a core foundation, our Principles of Success are integral to everything we do on a daily basis. And to ensure consistent execution from start to finish and beyond, Our Process structures your customized critical power projects with a simplified sequence of deliverables.

Our Process

Delivering Your Project Success

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Your project requirements, equipment technical specs, known challenges, & end-user usability goals.

Innovate + Design

Customized equipment solutions leveraging practical innovation and interaction design —to meet your needs on your timeline


Mutually agreed-upon deliverables utilizing this Process, Our Principles of Success and Our Continuous Quality Structure.

On-Time Delivery

Of project deliverables, and most importantly—your customized critical power equipment—based upon mutually clear expectations


You and your teams with a relentless commitment to your project’s success

Achieving a reputation of trust backed by dedicated service and continuous quality is not easy, thus we take great pride and have a significant appreciation for the strong client relationships we have built. That being said, if you’re an existing client— Thank you! If we have not had the opportunity to work with you and your teams yet, we hope to earn that opportunity on your next project for customized critical power equipment.

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