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Connecting the power that feeds your cloud, we build custom power cables and feeders that continuously serve the most critical data centers in the world.

We specialize in large, high-volume power cable deployments for hyperscale during data center construction.

Custom Power Cables

Built To Your Specs

Encapsulation molding On Cables
Glass fiber components
Data Cables

Maximizing Usability Features

By working with you to understand your installation process—eliminate wasted time and reduce labor costs

  • Quick-deploy bulk packaging—protection without overkill
  • Kitted and grouped cable sets—per rack/row, or per length/type—by box and by pallet
  • Specialized labeling for location and other required details

Keeping pace with your team’s ever-evolving and changing needs

  • On specialized custom designs, we’ll assist with connector/cable selections and specification to ensure we build the power cable that achieves exactly what you’re trying to accomplish
  • We’ll tailor scheduled deliveries for volume just-in-time deployments that are limited in storage or simply want a streamlined supply chain
  • Ensured by our QC Testing—everything you expect from critical power cables

    • Automated Pass/Fail Continuity and HIPOT (dielectric strength) testing
    • Resistance testing to values < 0.1 Ω with 80%-100% load capability
    • Tight tolerance length measuring capability (i.e. -0.0”/+2.0” on 100.0ft)
    • 100% Factory QC + QA + Testing on every cable we ship
    • All custom power cables are built with UL Listed Components and are UL Recognized
  • HARTING Han-Eco® Modular Connectors
  • Hubbell® Locking NEMA Twist-Lock® Receptacles + Outlets
  • Hubbell® Wiring Device-Kellems (Camlock-type) Single Pole Connectors
  • Belden® Power Cable – Tray Cable & SO Cord
  • Square D® and GE® Breakers


Ampacity Ratings15A / 20A / 25A / 30A / 35A / 40A / 50A / 75A / 100A up to 600A
AC Voltage Ratings3-Phase 415V/240V, 208V/120V up to 480V or Single Phase
AC Voltage Splitters3-Phase to Single Phase
DC Voltage Ratings~48VDC 

We understand you are trying to conquer significant challenges and need significant solutions. Our relentless passion to ensure your project’s success forces us to flip the norm to design and build your equipment to your specs to achieve your user’s maximum usability.