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415V / 240V Modular UPS

415V / 240V (25KVA – 300KVA) 3 Phase Modular UPS

  • Customizable power capacity sizes to support your equipment load(s).
  • N to N+X to 2N or greater redundancy options so you are never caught off guard if a system failure, resulting in downtime, ever occurs.
  • Smaller footprint, different form factors, and higher rack densities to increase rack and floor space, and provide you with more power.
  • Increased VRLA battery life to lower your costs.

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Contains rechargeable ZincFive nickle-zinc (NiZn) batteries that offer a more reliable, more powerful, greener, and safer alternative to traditional lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. The high energy density also creates batteries half the weight of traditional batteries, that are both non-flammable and easily recyclable, with extended cycle and shelf lives, that retain thermal stability while maintaining fast recharge. 


Modular UPS System Rated Capacities (kVA)150kVA -- 180kVA -- 250kVA -- 300kVA -- 500kVA -- 600kVA
Modular UPS System Rated Capacities (kW)120kW -- 162kW -- 225kW -- 270kW -- 450kW -- 540kW
Power Module Capacity 30kVA/27kW or 25kVA / 22.5kW
System Parrallel Capability Yes
Nominal Input Voltage (VAC) 415V/240V (3P4W + PE)
Input Voltage Range304V - 478VAC (Line-Line Full Load) 228V - 304VAC (Line-Line Load De-rated Linearly)
Input Frequency Range40Hz ~70Hz
Power Factor (Input)> 0.99 
Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi)THDi <3% with 100% linear load
Output Voltage415V/240V (3P4W + PE)
Output Voltage Regulation± 1.5%
Output Frequency50/60Hz
Power Factor (Output)0.9
Output Crest Factor3:1 (load supported)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THDv)THD < 1 % with linear load / THD < 6% with non-linear load
Overload Capability110% for 1 hr; 125% for 10 mins; 150% for 1 min; >150% for 200ms
Unbalanced Load Capability100% (all three phases regulated independently)
Mains Input Loss Transfer Time to Battery (Normal Mode)Instantaneous
Mains Input Loss Transfer Time to Battery (ECO Mode)<10ms
Normal System Efficiency (On-Line Double Conversion Mode)up to 95%
ECO Mode System Efficiencyup to 99%
Battery Mode System Efficiencyup to 95%
Battery String Voltage± 240VDC
Compatible Battery ChemistriesValve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) / Nickel-Zinc (NiZn)
Integrated Batteries into Eterna™ UPS CabinetAvailable as an Option
Battery Maximum Charging Current20% * System Output Power (kW) ÷ Battery Voltage
Battery Charging Voltage Precision Accuracy± 1%
Protection of Battery from Deep DischargeYes
UPS System Cold Start from BatteryYes
Monitoring Operational Runtime after Full Load DischargeYes
Interface/HMI 10.4 LCD Touch Screen with Mechanical Buttons
CommunicationsSNMP Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB, Programmable Dry Contacts
Operating Temperature Range32°F ~ 104°F (0°C ~ 40°C)
Storage Temperature-40°C ~ 70°C
Relative Humidity0 ~ 95% Non Condensing
Altitude of Operation2000m)
Ingress Protection ClassIP20
Safety StandardsIEC/EN 62040-1 / *UL1778 Option
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) StandardsIEC/EN 62040-2, Category C3 / *FCC PART 15 Class A Option
External cable connectionsRear side: top and bottom cable entry options
ColorBlack / *Custom Colors Available
Dimension RangesVaries by System
Weight RangesVaries by System