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Cobia® Galvanized Cable Tray

Light Weight Cable Management Trays

  • Available in 4 widths to accommodate any size application. (4”, 6”, 8”, and 12”) 

  • Narrow grid pattern prevents cables from sagging which can compromise the integrity of copper cabling networks, or even cause breaks in delicate fiber optic cables. 

  • Ventilating grid pattern allows for air circulation and also prevents dust, debris and other contaminates. 

  • Hot dip galvanized after fabrication.

  • Cable trays supports, such as the hanger kit or other suspension solutions, are recommended every five (5) feet to promote the durability of your tray system. 


Cobia® wire mesh basket trays are a budget-friendly alternative to other cable management solutions for supporting groups of cables. WireRun® Cable Trays can be installed either in a ceiling, in a raised floor or along a wall with brackets, and are easily altered to make turns to complete the path. 

Made of electro zinc-plated galvanized steel to help prevent corrosion from chemicals or humidity. Open design suspends electrical and network cables from support beams or routes them above drop ceiling systems, but still allows for additions or changes in the future. 

WireRun Cobia Cable Trays
WireRun cable Tray with Wire Bundle