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Cobia® Powder Coated Cable Tray

Light Weight Cable Management Trays

  • UL listed 
  • CE certified 
  • 0.196” wire steel frame 
  • Powder-coated in Black to fit most decors 
  • Lightweight for easy handling 
  • Prevents the growth of zinc whiskers that could lead to short circuits. 


For critical applications where reliability and zero contamination is a priority, Cobia® offers a line of black powder coated cable basket trays. The smooth powder coated finish minimizes the potential of corrosion and zinc whiskers, which can damage highly sensitive equipment. Straight, L, and T junctions are available, as well as a full range of hardware and accessories to help you mount and install your cable trays.

Take a look at our WireRun® cable trays and the comprehensive selection of accessories to aid in installation. These include couplers for attaching tray sections together, strengthening bars for increased support, shelving and suspension rods for mounting, and much, much more!

Cobia Cable Trays from WireRun