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Switched-PIM PDU

Switched-PIM (Switched Per Input Line Monitoring) provides remote control on/off of outlets in addition to electrical col- lection of input, supports remote monitoring & environmental sensors.

  • Detachable Input.
  • High-Performance CPU/ Large Capacity Memory.
  • Low Power Outlet Switching.
  • Navi Wheel Interface On Removeable Display.
  • Alternating Phase System.
  • Status Indication Outlet.
  • P-LOCK System.

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Detachable Input. The proprietary HC input connector allows for singlephase or three-phase 32A input up to 600V AC to be detachable from the POU body. Now the POU can be dual certified for North America and Europe with the appropriate specification of the detachable input cord and bus connector.

High-Performance CPU/ Large Capacity Memory. CPU Cortex-Al 256M / 128M SLC NANO FLASH

Low Power Outlet Switching. Reduces the power consumption of the POU while providing safe & reliable output switching. Internal temp. is reduced over competitive systems

Navi Wheel Interface On Removeable Display. Three-sided connection ports: front, left and right sides of the POU. SYNC from display allows for configuration files to be stored in removable display and for coping configuration to additional POU’s

Alternating Phase System. 3-phase visualization and alternate output design, to better improve the balance of 3-phase power consumption.

Status Indication Outlet. Provides better visual management of the power status of the outlet.

P-LOCK System. Outlet locking system is used by 9 out of the top 10 Fortune 500 companies. P-LOCK ensures the reliability of power connection while being easy to manage single- handed.


By working with you to understand your installation process—we help you eliminate wasted time and reduce labor costs

  • From pallet to rack-mounted with our bulk and frustration-free packaging—protection without overkill
  • Pre-installed mounting hardware (buttons, etc.)

Simplified power strips for Hyperscale deployments, without features you’ll never use, as you only have the need to monitor + control the entire rack from upstream—designed to your specs.

  • Optional circuit protection (i.e. you already have it upstream)
  • Optional monitoring + control (i.e. you already have it upstream)
  • We’ll work with you to develop a quality design that delivers exactly what you need for your application
  • Alternating phase for simple load balancing
  • Multi-color outlets option
  • Simplified IEC server power cord lengths for clean cable management
  • Physical location flexibility
  • Changeable power cable lengths
  • Single Power Strip SKU


Detachable Input Interface (only 5.32A models)
P-LOCK Outlet
Auto gravity adjustment Display
Status indication outlet---
Navi Wheel Interface
Low Power Technology------
Branch/ phase electrical parameter monitoring
Independent outlet monitoring------
3-phase alternating-phase system
3-phase current unbalance monitoring
Branch / phase overload protection
Temperature/ humidity monitoring
Temperature & humidity monitoring cascadeUp to 32Up to 32Up to 32Up to 32
Network remote monitoring (lpv4, lpv6)
Outlet on / off control------
Web GUI and Redfish API
PDU cascading supportUp to 16Up to 16Up to 16Up to 16
Alarm threshold setting
SNMP Trap ( v1/v2/v3 )
Multi-mode alarm
Events and logging/ export
User authorization management
Command line (CLI) console access control
RS-485 bus access
Serial access
Support for access management (LDAP)
Multi-user operating system
Historical data record
Support web page online software upgrade
Vertical installation
Horizontal installation
Adjustable rack mount (vertical models only)