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True Online Double Conversion Technology for your Critical and non-Critical Power Loads.

Our UPS Models

Powerficient Eterna

Powerficient® Eterna™

Powerficient Eterna

208V / 120V 10kVA - 300kVA
(3 Phase)

*Built To Your Specs

Powerficient Eterna

415V / 240V 25kVA - 300kVA
(3 Phase)​

*Built To Your Specs

Powerficient Eterna

480V / 277V 20kVA - 200kVA
(3 Phase)

*Built To Your Specs

Maximizing Usability Features

  • Our UPS systems are one of the first available on the market to accommodate advanced Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) battery technology [manufactured by ZincFive]
    1. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with up to 4x longer battery life cycle (up to 20 years vs. ~5 years for VRLA)
    2. Safety benefits include being non-flammable, fail-safe, fully recyclable
    3. Rapid discharge applications are ideal, as NiZn batteries retain thermal stability while maintaining a fast recharge capability
    4. High energy density allows for NiZn battery’s weight to be less than half that of a comparable capacity VRLA battery
  • Save floorspace by having the battery string in the same overall enclosure as the UPS
  • Fast deployment and reduced labor costs with pre-installed and tested UPS + Battery systems that arrive ready-to-go, only requiring external cable hookups
  • Easy battery maintenance with slide-out battery drawers, insulated busbar connections and integrated DC disconnect breaker
  • Up to 98% utilizing ECO Mode (Normal Double-Online Conversion Mode achieves up to 93% Efficiency)
  • Smart Sleep function—ability for system to intelligently shut down certain power modules when there is a lower load to increase total load rate over active modules, achieving higher efficiency
  • Integrated rectifier + inverter in each power module improves reliability with reduced points of failure
  • Hot-swappable power modules for simplified maintenance and low mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Parallel functionality of all individual power modules in each system making each system inherently N+X redundant
  • Built-in system parallel controllers enable multiple UPS systems to parallel together to increase capacity, share a common battery string, and achieve 2N (or greater) redundancy from a single power source— all while ensuring automatic load sharing between power modules
  • Multiple internal temperature sensors for thermal abnormality detection in power modules (external Battery and Ambient Sensors also included)
  • Critical waveform recording for analysis of faults
  • Capacitors and fans runtime monitoring
  • Intelligent battery management for extending battery life and reducing maintenance as the UPS automatically applies boost or float charge, utilizes temperate sensors to avoid over and/or under charge, and adjusts the cut off end-of-discharge voltage according to load capacity
  • Self-aging function allows for simulation of various load conditions for testing, utilizing only 10% utility power relative to simulated load.


Modular UPS

208V / 120V (3 Phase)

415V / 240V (3 Phase)

480V / 277V (3 Phase)

We understand you are trying to conquer significant challenges and need significant solutions. Our relentless passion to ensure your project’s success forces us to flip the norm to design and build your equipment to your specs to achieve your user’s maximum usability.